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For women who commute to school by train, the act of molesting in trains is an unpleasant and hateful crime. Especially targeted are women in their 10s to 20s. In the case of the Tokyo metropolitan offense, the provision of so-called “subordinate acts” of “ordinance for prevention of nuisance Article 5 paragraph 1” is usually applied. Although “despicable acts” in the train once decreases since 1996, it has again increased since 2003 and reached 2201 in 2004, but this is a number that was reported only, In fact it is said that this dozens will occur. The reasons why victimized women have not notified are as follows: “The other party can not be identified”, “A momentary act, the molester immediately got interrupted by people” “Busy time in the morning So, notification is troublesome “and so on. However, most of all, it is a woman who said “I was scared and could not make a voice.” There is a fear that not only the fear of “Do not make a mistake on the other person” or “What if you go backwardly to opponents”, “Do not people around me will help us”. The feeling of loneliness that a person around him may not be able to help himself is changed to feeling of hopelessness in an overcrowded train. It is said that there are many women who think that only myself should put up with unpleasant thoughts.